Food Provision – Patients can approach directly

Lochee Larder Food Larder – Mon, Wed, Fri 10am – 2pm 5 Whorterbank, DD2 3AA (opposite Rosefield Motors in Lochee) If needing a delivery, call 01382 936191 between 10am-11am or pm Facebook page – Lochee Community Larder SCIO.

· Lochee Parish Church – Free food parcels. Tues 11:00am – 12:30pm, Lochee Parish Church, Coupar Angus Road, DD2 3HG

· St Marys Church – Free food bags to takeaway. Wed 10am – 12 noon

· The Community Fridge – Free Community Fridge – chilled items, dry stock, bread, fruit and veg. Every day, 11am-2pm, 01382 221222 Miller’s Wynd Car Park, DD1 4HY, Perth Road

· Making Dundee Home – Free food parcel for collection only Wed 10:30am – 2:30pm and Fri 10:30am – 3:00pm Dundee West Church, 30/32 Perth Rd, DD1 4JW

· Eagles Wings – Free food bag to takeaway. Mon -Thurs 1pm – 3pm, 10 Douglas Stree,t DD1 5AJ

· The Steeple Church – Free food bag plus tea or coffee to takeaway. Mon 1pm -3pm, Nethergate, DD1 4DG

· Graham’s Kitchen – Free hot drinks, cake, filled rolls and fruit. Sat 7:30pm – 9pm Debenhams Car Park, Marketgait

· St Marys Food Larder – Free Food Larder – pre-made bags and lunch bags from Social Bite. Tues 11am – 2pm St Marys Community Centre, St Kilda Rd, Dundee DD3 9NH

· Kirkton Food Larder Free Food Larder – pre-made bags and lunch bags from Social Bite.Thurs, 11am – 2pm and Taught by Mohammad free takeaway lunch. Thurs 11am – 2pm, Kirkton Community Centre, Derwent Ave, DD3 0AX

· Chalmers Ardler Church Larder – Wed – 12pm – 2pm £2.50 per visit covers 8 items including a maximum of two from the chiller. 58 Turnberry Ave, DD2 3TP (Ardler)

· Hilltown Community Larder – Mon & Fri, 12pm – 3pm – £2 per visit Hilltown Community Centre, 15 Alexander St, DD3 7DL

· Coldside Community Cupboard – Stocked with fruit, veg, bakery each day. Mon – Fri, 10am – 2pm Outside Maxwell Centre, Carnegie St, DD3 7EW

· Stobbie Community Larder – £2 food larder ( ring bell for attention). Mon, wed and Fri 10am – 12pm, 10 Kemback Street, DD4 6 ET

· St Salvador’s Church – Food bag to take away. Sundays, 1pm – 2pm St Salvador St, DD3 7EW

· Menziehill Parish Church – Free food bank available. Mon, Wed and Fri 1pm – 4pm Menziehill Parish Church, Charleston Drive, DD2 4BD

· Menziehill Food Hub – Free food parcels available Tues and Thurs 12pm. – 3pm Menziehill community garden (behind Menziehill Community Centre) 260 Dickson Avenue, DD2 4TQ

· Salvation Army – free food bags on Mon 12pm – 2pm and free food bags and hot food Fri 5:30pm – 7pm, 265 Thurso Crescent Menziehill, DD2 3BL

· Charleston Food Hub – Food bank parcels. £2 per visit Tues 11am – 2pm, Charleston Community Centre 66 Craigowan Road, DD2 4NL

· Lochee Hub – Food bag £2 Wed 9am – 2pm, 118 High Street, Lochee, DD2 3BL

· The Friary – Community cafe and larder. (£2 per food bag and tea or coffee 50p) Thurs 11am -2pm, Tullideph Road, DD2 2PN

· Whitfield Parish Church – Free food bank available. Tues and Fri 11am -1pm, 14 Haddington Avenue, DD4 0RN

· Ormiston Community Lounge – Food hub and food bags to take away. Wed 12:30pm – 2:00pm. OISRA, The Square, Ormiston Crescent, Whitefield, DD4 0UD

· Link Up Whitfield – Food bag collection (Must book to collect through facebook page for Link Up Whitfield). Fri 12: 00 noon -1:00pm , Community Services Complex, 101 Whitfield Drive, DD4 0DX

· St Luke’s cafe church food project (in St Mary’s community centre) food bank, clothes bank and cafe with tea, coffee and a toastie for £1 Wed 10am – 3pm, St Luke’s Church, St Luke’s Road, DD3 0LD

· Lifegate Church – Free food larder. Fri 11am -1pm Lifegate Church 50 Haddington Crescent, DD4 0NA

· Mill O’Mains Community Pavillion – £1 food bags and lunch packs from Social Bite. Thurs 12pm – 1:30pm, Hebrides Drive, DD4 9SB

· Douglas Community Centre – Taught by Mohammad free takeaway lunch. Mon 12pm – 2pm, Balmoral Avenue, DD4 8SD

· Fairfield Community Sports Club Larder – £2 per visit/ £5 for yearly membership. Mon 10am -12pm and Sat 9am – 11:30 am, Drumgeith Road,DD4 0JX

· Fintry Parish Church Larder – £2 per food larder visit and food bags to take away. Thurs 11am – 1pm, Fintry Drive, DD4 9HE