GP Training

General Practice Registrar

The practice is involved in the training of new general practitioners.

These doctors have completed their hospital training, spend 18 months in the practice , during which they participate in all aspects of our work.

Use of video recorders

Recording consultation by video is an important part of training of General Practice Registrars. They are usually used within the practice between the partners and the GP Registrar for educational purposes.

Your full consent is required for such a recording to be made and likewise following such a consented consultation you will be invited once again to agree that it can be retained for teaching purposes.

Teaching/Training Students

Medical and Nursing students attend the practice from time to time. We hope that you will co-operate with us and help the students to learn about general practice.

However, you will be informed of their presence in advance, and if you do not want them to be present at a consultation, your wishes will be respected.

This will not affect your treatment in any way.